Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Guinea Pigs

Hours after an emergency c-section, Bessie and two babies arrive home.

Bessie and babies

I really love this picture! 

Rosalie holding Mommy Baby and flashing her scratched arms from her beloved cat Princess.

Winston and Gramma

Rosalie with "Mommy Baby"

Ty was thrilled that these creatures were born the day before his birthday

Rashady was happy to be able to hold the little baby

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Flowers

Our tulips topside.


I spy a kitty, can you?!

Rashady helping Daddy mow the law. After all that's what the little bar is for, right?! Darin has turned our back yard into a professional looking golf course. It's breath taking, especially compared to what it was. 

A rare picture of Sinatra. She is quite a shy cat for everyone but Mom, but on this sunny day she risked the adventure outside. 

A little reminder of my childhood in the beauty of an apple blossom.