Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dixon $Dollars$ and Dixon Store

So I had the bright idea to do chore charts with the kids and to offer Dixon $Dollars$ to them each day for doing 80% + of what was on the list (there is a lot on the list). Over two weeks they did their chores and saved their dollars to buy items out of the Dixon Store.

While I prepared and purchased items for the kids, Nin just happened to be visiting. Well, I couldn't reward my kids alone while Robel, Deonna, Angelia and Michael were here without offering them the Dixon Store as well. So Nin's kids were able to earn Dixon $Dollars$ by helping out my kids with their chores, picking up little treats that Dusty left on the ground, and making their beds and cleaning up their messes. Robel especially was excited to make money!

On Friday before Darin's birthday we got all of the items we purchased and marked them with prices and laid them out nicely on a table in the garage. Being from a military minded family I had the kids line up from the basement stairs from oldest to youngest. From there they marched into the garage while prizes galore met them and excitement was so thick you could almost touch it.

All of the kids had a wonderful time choosing things to purchase with their well earned $Dollars$. Enjoy the pictures and maybe this would be a great option for your children as well. . .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nin's Visit

My kids anxiously awaiting Aunt Mindy, Uncle Daniel, and their kids.

Pulling into our driveway

Rosalie handing Dusty over to his mom for the first time!

Nin amazed at how ittle bitty Dusty was.

Leah lovin on Dusty

Robelly thought Dusty was ALRIGHT!

A little concerned, but otherwise a happy Michael with his new puppy!

Deonna the snuggler with Dusty.

Leah Leah showing Auntie Holly how frozen her hands are. 

Daniel made a special pie for the special boy on the day of his birth.

A tuckered Dusty catches some winks after the kids go to bed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Darin's 34th Birthday Party!

Darin turned 34 on April 7th, but we waited to celebrate with Nin and her family. We also invited some very close friends and family to attend as well. Thank you for all that came. It was a HOOT!

We had pineapple sherbet with pineapple soda for punch, veggies and dip, fruit and dip and sausage dip!

Darin's "Luau" birthday cake

The grown up table: Daniel, Mindy, Deb, Grammy and Grandpa Floyd

Friends from our old ward, Wendy Wilcken and children

Jourdan Wilcken with baby Wilcken

Old neighbors and friends that are new neighbors and friends!

Devin the Menace! Lovin his punch and the umbrellas were surprisingly loved!

Tiki mural

All little girls got flowers in their hair! This picture of Angelia is priceless!

Deb and Frank

If you brought gifts you were warned that you would be shot on site. 
Grammy and Grandpa Floyd definitely have a death wish!

Teresa limbo-ing right before she fell on her butt!

It was a VERY SPECIAL birthday for Darin!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sleepy Dog while I Blogged

Tuckered from the Stair adventure, sleeping on Aunt Holly's lap while I blogged.

He's a tad precious.

Aunt Holly had to get up and so she laid lil Butterscotch in his crib (laundry basket)

Nin's Puppy! Mastering the stairs and other adventures. . .

So the hour and a half drive to Tooelle to pick up this little sweetie pie was totally worth it. My kids were so excited to pick up Aunt Mindy's puppy. Little Butterscotch napped the entire way home in a Guinea Pig cage. It was so cute. Poor little pooch was tuckered. Here are some amazingly precious pictures of the little puppy that stole cold Darin's heart and made him exclaim, "He's the cutest little puppy in the world!"

Sleeping in the Guinea Pig cage from Tooelle to Springville.

Aunt Holly thought it would be a good experience 
for her little puppy nephew to learn to climb the stairs.

He did pretty well with A LOT of encouragement until about the eighth step. He then whimpered, whined and overall just kindda hated Aunt Holly.

Butterscotch the moment he gave up the fight.

This exercise is a bunch of crap Butterscotch thought. 

I think I might just take a little breather. . .

My head feels so heavy!

I'm just going to rest here for a while. . .