Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TEAM JAKEWARD! Eclipse Review

Oh my goodness yesterday was fabulous. Shawna and I celebrated the occasion by spending some time getting our toes painted. Mine were blood red.

We then hit Ty's tee ball game and went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Joe Banditos in Springville. We all shared because their portions are extremely generous.

Then around 8pm we met with Deb, Frank took all our kids - thanks Frank! and headed out for Provo Towne Centre. We walked past hundreds of Twilighters camped out to see the midnight showings and casually walked into our theater without a line.

We sat down in our awesome seats - thanks Debbie! and received door prizes. Darin got Alice's choker. I got some Cullen charm bracelets. And I also got a Team Jacob magnet that I gave to Shawna. We all shared the charm bracelets seeing as there were enough for me, Darin, and Shawna to share. They were black and Darin pulled them off nicely.

The showing was a premier and started at 9pm! It felt so good to just walk in, get pampered and then be able to watch the show before anyone else! Yay! All because of Debbie and her connections that the government would kill for.


*Graphics were awesome!
*The writers gave Edward a personality! Smiley, teasing, traditional.
*Ed and Bella finally had more chemistry than Jake and Bella! Yay!
*Jake made girls swoon with his shirt on!
*Alice was hot and amazing!
*We learned about Rosalie's past.
*We learned about Jaspers's past.
(It was exciting to see those characters flesh out a bit)
*The kid who plays Seth is amazing, so adorable! I can't wait to see more of him.

*I am officially Team Charlie after the sex talk he and Bella had! It was awesome and spoke to all dads everywhere!

Post any questions you may have, the Eclipse Doctor is in the office!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm very excited that I have tickets for Eclipse for Debbie, Frank?, Darin and me the day BEFORE the opening of the movie, June 29th at 9pm, not MIDNIGHT! Again, I owe this to my dear sister-in-law Deb for knowing people in high places that have the means to rent out entire theaters for friends and family!

What this means: door prizes, walking in casually a half hour before the movie starts, no lines and the excitement shared with freaks at the same level as you! This is the door prize I received last year. I have caught at least 6 people taking pictures of it while stopped at stop lights and one woman who asked permission in a grocery store parking lot.

I'm so very excited and have been tempted to purchase yet another tee representing this newest movie from Hot Topic, but since it isn't a great example for our financial goals, I will have to wear one of the other twenty shirts I have that are Twilight related.

I know there are those who are tired of the Twilight Saga drama, but since I read the books two years ago next month for the first time, the smells, sounds and sunshine bring me back to the first time I picked up Stephenie Meyer's book. And all else dissolves away into the excitement that I felt with the first taste of a conservative vampire book. 

Since then, I have read probably close to 50 vamp books to try and satiate my thirst, to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that there are vamp books, and then there are Stephenie Meyer vamp books! I just look to the day when Midnight Sun will be released - spurring the insistence that Meyer continue all four books from Ed's perspective. Until then, the movies will have to do.