Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring in Springville

Darin and I love our new home and are hysterical about flowers and anything garden! Here are some snap shots of the beauty and the work that goes along with spring and gardening.

Daffodil in our front yard.

Crocus (thanks Aunt Heidi) in our front yard. 
I focused on flower with color and background is sepia. Our roughage isn't that brown!

Ty being a big helper to Dad.

Our shed, the tiller and Ty's head.

Our garden consisting of strawberries in the first row.

The kids are excited because they were able to plant our veggies!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Devils Baseball

My nephew Bradley turned 16 today and we were going to have a party with him at a activity center in Provo. Instead the varsity baseball coach asked him to play a game today in South Jordan. Bradley is currently on the Sophomore team. This was such an exciting opportunity for him that he accepted. Darin, myself and our children went to support the team wearing our Springville Devils finest.

Much to our surprise and delight the coach put Bradley in as third baseman in the 6th inning. He did fabulous! He was even able to make a couple of big plays! One of them involved him tagging out a runner at third and through momentum of contact completing a tuck and roll and still holding the ball. OUT! It was quite an accomplishment, and it was a delight to see Bradley at ease playing with much older and experienced players.

The fan gear my kids wore provided ample entertainment during the duration of the game. Here they are showing their Springville Dixon Devil pride:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On our wall

We have this 16x20 on our wall in our front room right next to a picture of the Provo Temple and a "Families are Forever" sign. Need I say more?

These pictures were taken the day before Darin's and my 10 year anniversary. We are so blessed beyond measure to have such a wonderful eternal family. I included the ones of just Darin and I to commemorate our 10 year anniversary. I think in the next family photo Rose will be in curls. She looks so good in curls.