Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School, Ty and Rose

Rosalie and Ty were so cute in their new clothes I almost died from admiration. I have realized that I can no longer successfully dress myself or my husband in latest fashion - but my kids. . .! They are just so beautiful, they should be paid to put these clothes on. If only it were conducive to our family's lifestyle. Ty cracked up at the picture above. He thought he was being so funny posing like that.

Rosalie is such a wonderful older sister. I love love love her outfit. Notice it's hip, but also modest! :) She loved it and she especially loved being dolled up. She had her CTR bracelet from Aunt Debbie I think, and a heart key necklace from Mom (purchased through Aunt Debbie). Ty came home so excited about all day school. He was like "Mom we get THREE recesses!" 

Poor kids had to pack it to school the first day with all of the school supplies the teachers asked nicely for. Their teachers Mrs.'s Shaffer and Smith are really fabulous and I can tell Heavenly Father picked out just the teachers that will help them grow this school year!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Edward and me - together 11 years!

Darin and I have officially been together for over 11 years now. August 13, 2010 was exactly 11 years from our first date as an official couple. It was even on Friday the 13th like our original date. Now if you're the superstitious type the Friday the 13th may concern you for a first ANYTHING let alone date with your future spouse. But believe me, the number 13 has brought me nothing but luck since before I chose it as my soccer number in HS.

But I digress. Darin is my perfect match in every way. Some of those ways are figurative and other ways are literal. For example, literally we are both fun loving, love to be the center entertainer in a crowd and perpetually live as teenagers through our friends and relatives. On the other hand figuratively Darin has been figuratively very good for me in a LOT of ways. He strengthens me. He challenges me. He helps me be a better person. All of these ways are difficult and uncomfortable, but I am glad he is there to help me overcome my weaknesses.

Most importantly of all, he is My Edward! I had successfully steered clear of everything Twilight until my fun loving cousin Shawna told me a little bit more about the books and the characters. I dove in, and I never looked back. At the time I was working at Wal-Mart and was astounded at the women googling over how dreamy Edward was and how dissatisfying their own husbands were. I thought, wait, this isn't healthy! I thought about it more and realized that a huge reason why Edward was so adorable to me was because of his similarities with my husband. It was then that I started calling Darin "My Edward" and he's in my cell phone programmed as such to this date. 

Darin is very similar to Edward in a lot of ways, let me count them: Darin, like Edward is extremely old fashioned he is the ride in on a blazing white horse hero type. He likes to be quiet about private things (much to my surprise and chagrin). He is quiet and wants other's to take intimacy and romance seriously. 

Both have green eyes. Edward while he was human. Darin while he was human.

Now one of the most endearing qualities about the character of Edward in the Twilight Saga is that he wants what is best for Bella, even if Bella doesn't realize it will make her happy in the long run. That is a pet peeve of mine concerning Jacob in the books. He was always trying to push Bella to the wrong decision. In the end Ed had to let go of Bella and trust her to make her own decisions, however, he just wanted Bella's happiness. Darin is like Edward in this. He does A LOT of things for no other reason than my happiness. I would list them, but in order to be old fashioned I will keep them to myself. :)

My Edward also is an extremely bad driver. Now there are some of you out there who would argue that Edward is a good driver, just fast and able to maneuver effectively. You cannot make me believe that he is a good driver, just as I have a difficult time sitting in the passenger seat while Darin drives.

Darin also has some anger issues (as do I) but nothing is sexier than an angry vampire, except maybe a jealous angry vampire. Darin controls himself well, and if I had to put up with me I would show my anger a lot more and in public. 

Darin teases me and laughs with me about a lot of my choices and things I say. Ed was always smiling at or laughing at Bella, much to her and my frustration. But I've decided it's a good thing! 

Darin is a remarkable guy. He is my best friend, lover and a wonderful father! I am completely contented with Darin as my eternal companion. I hope that I've portrayed to all just how unique and wonderful a man he is. He is MY EDWARD.