Sunday, February 28, 2010

You'll put your eye out! And other Ashton Adventures. . .

Apparently Ty is the only child excited with the 5 hour drive up to Idaho.

The kids were constantly outside playing in the snow on snowmobiles or riding behind on a big utility sled. 

"I wonder what the chemical composition of ice is."

"On Guard, kids!"

"Dad, we can take you any day of the week!"

One of those killer icicles Ralphy's mom warned us about.

The better to lick you with my dear!

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The Grove Family said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is awesome! I have NEVER seen such large icicles! Fun, fun, fun! I love that Ty was the only smiler about the drive. Reminds me...
Mindy: Good morning (it was 4:30am)
Mindy: Your hair looks SO cute (you had just cut off a foot)
Holly: You'd look good with a bag over your head.
Thus began our 12 hour drive to BYU for Todd's gratuation.
:) Looks like your kids come by it honestly!