Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring in Springville

Darin and I love our new home and are hysterical about flowers and anything garden! Here are some snap shots of the beauty and the work that goes along with spring and gardening.

Daffodil in our front yard.

Crocus (thanks Aunt Heidi) in our front yard. 
I focused on flower with color and background is sepia. Our roughage isn't that brown!

Ty being a big helper to Dad.

Our shed, the tiller and Ty's head.

Our garden consisting of strawberries in the first row.

The kids are excited because they were able to plant our veggies!


Heidi said...

love love love spring too. love your dafodils and crocus. I am patiently waiting on my red tulips to come up! And that garden is quite impressive, but then I saw the rototiller! WOWZA!

Dixon Devils said...

I wish we could claim the tiller, but it's Darin's sister's tiller. We have borrowed it 3 times over the past 6 months that we've lived in our home. We have found that we don't need to own everything, we just need to KNOW people who own everything!