Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School, Ty and Rose

Rosalie and Ty were so cute in their new clothes I almost died from admiration. I have realized that I can no longer successfully dress myself or my husband in latest fashion - but my kids. . .! They are just so beautiful, they should be paid to put these clothes on. If only it were conducive to our family's lifestyle. Ty cracked up at the picture above. He thought he was being so funny posing like that.

Rosalie is such a wonderful older sister. I love love love her outfit. Notice it's hip, but also modest! :) She loved it and she especially loved being dolled up. She had her CTR bracelet from Aunt Debbie I think, and a heart key necklace from Mom (purchased through Aunt Debbie). Ty came home so excited about all day school. He was like "Mom we get THREE recesses!" 

Poor kids had to pack it to school the first day with all of the school supplies the teachers asked nicely for. Their teachers Mrs.'s Shaffer and Smith are really fabulous and I can tell Heavenly Father picked out just the teachers that will help them grow this school year!

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Heidi said...

How nice they get to walk to school. They sure did look cute.