Thursday, March 31, 2011

Been there, done that, got several t-shirts!

If you are wondering about the selection of these pictures, just know that our Nikon was on .NEF formatting instead of .jpg and I still have no idea how to change the formatting. So these pictures are the ones I took with my phone. . .I apologize, more pictures to follow as soon as I can figure out the dang thing. 

Disneyland Rocks! But these rocks in the middle of the Mojave Desert were red! This is our second day of driving and we're on our way to Korina's house in Joshua Tree just outside a Marine base in 29 Palms, California. Yeah, the middle of the desert - and quite close to the Navy/Marine dump my mom was called to after they found out she married an enlisted man (Daddy). Good thing she was pregnant and could just get out!

"Not that song again! Anything but that song!" Scar in The Lion King. The kids snacking outside of It's a Small World ride. Quite cute!

Darin and I really liked Mickey's Toontown because it was like being in a cartoon ourselves. We rode Roger Rabbit, Gadget's Roller Coaster and played in Chip and Dales tree house.

It was great to escape the snow and enjoy 65-70 degree days, but the humidity just killed! I felt dirty for a week, even right out of the shower.

Darin and the kids in front of the Fire Station. Walt Disney's apartment was right over Darin's head (2nd story above the fire house) and he would walk the streets in his slippers while it was still under construction.

This restaurant was right across the street from Disneyland and just a few hotels down the street from our hotel. The kids and I liked it, Darin not so much. What can I say - my taste buds are kindda trashy!

Seriously, Disneyland was just across the street from our hotel. Thank you Darin, Darin's boss for suggesting Priceline!

Pomm Frites at Orlean's Restaurant in Frontierland. The food was great, but these little guys were awesome! Packed full of flavor and yumminess!

So this was the Disneyland Petting Farm: about 4 goats and this guys standing on a barrel. Interesting.

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looks like fun for all, even from your phone!