Wednesday, October 28, 2009

School Festivities October 27th

The boys and I decided to brave the 30 degree weather and attend the parade of Halloween for grades 1-6 at Sage Creek. I'm so glad that I took to the time to put my children in SWEATS. There were seriously children freezing their hind ends off in short sleeve and light fabrics. Move from California to Utah much?!

Rashad's preschool teachers. Dorothy even brought her CUTE little Yorkie puppie!

Rosalie's teacher.

Ty's Kindergarten teacher with her PM class. AM didn't get to join in. :(

Darth Vader choosing his next victims. . .

I personally liked the Christmas present and the Cereal Killer.

Ty and Rashad waited patiently in the snow flurries to catch a glimpse of their sister in the Halloween Parade at the school that they ALL attend. Shaddy's in AM preschool, Ty AM Kindergarten and Rosalie is in 2nd grade.

Rashad was so happy we went back for his helmet. It made him very proud to be Dark Helmet!

Ty was more than a little miffed that the kids in the parade all shouted to Darth, but some ignored him. His feelers were kindda hurt.

He was so happy that the older kids were "afraid" of him, that he would chase the kids in the parade, and giggle like a little girl.

I personally blame Rosalie for the weather. . .after all. . .she is Storm from X men.

Rose was in hog heaven. . .when she walked into her classroom after Mom helped her change, all of a sudden she was very popular with the boys and girls alike in her classroom. The smile says it all. You can tell when she knows she's beautiful.