Monday, October 26, 2009

Springville Utah Fall Leaves

On Friday our yard was full of beautiful orange colored leaves from our maple tree. Darin had been fantasizing about raking for about a week, but wanted to wait until the maple was further along in the shedding process. It was about1/3 done at this point.

I thought, why don't I clean it up and surprise Darin at how helpful the boys and I can be with the outside chores. Ty and Rashad were great help! The boys loved raking and working, they couldn't wait until Dad saw how much they had accomplished.

I raked with my right hand, as my left wrist was out of commission. It was tricky to maneuver the rake, but it was a beautifully chilly day and the sun was shining. It was awesome! In about 20 minutes we had all of the leaves in our front lawn raked up. Time to play!

The boys took turns jumping into the large pile and completely disappearing. Ty begged that I let him go change into his swim suit to make it even more fun. When that idea failed, he asked if he could take his socks and shoes off. It was about 50 degrees, heck no!

When Rosalie came home she helped me scoop the leaves into pumpkin bags I had purchased at Sunroc here in Springville. It took about 10 scoops of the snow shovel to fill a bag. She too was so excited and willing to help.

My children are awesome, and if I have enough patience and time to teach them, they will help with any chore. They love it!


Dixon Devils said...

I watched to my horror last night as Darin raked up about the same amount of leaves that I had, one wristed, in about 5 minutes. He's amazing. . . and I'm saving outside chores for him!

The Grove Family said...

The kids are SO cute! I love it when my kids want to help and actually are helpful. Yay! I know what you mean about the outdoor work being men's work though...they are just more thorough at it...and I don't mind giving it to them to do!