Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dixon $Dollars$ and Dixon Store

So I had the bright idea to do chore charts with the kids and to offer Dixon $Dollars$ to them each day for doing 80% + of what was on the list (there is a lot on the list). Over two weeks they did their chores and saved their dollars to buy items out of the Dixon Store.

While I prepared and purchased items for the kids, Nin just happened to be visiting. Well, I couldn't reward my kids alone while Robel, Deonna, Angelia and Michael were here without offering them the Dixon Store as well. So Nin's kids were able to earn Dixon $Dollars$ by helping out my kids with their chores, picking up little treats that Dusty left on the ground, and making their beds and cleaning up their messes. Robel especially was excited to make money!

On Friday before Darin's birthday we got all of the items we purchased and marked them with prices and laid them out nicely on a table in the garage. Being from a military minded family I had the kids line up from the basement stairs from oldest to youngest. From there they marched into the garage while prizes galore met them and excitement was so thick you could almost touch it.

All of the kids had a wonderful time choosing things to purchase with their well earned $Dollars$. Enjoy the pictures and maybe this would be a great option for your children as well. . .


Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I love the blurred photos of the jumping up and down! That's great!

I have implemented so many different systems for rewarding good behavior and chore completion, but they all fizzle out eventually. Rather quickly, actually. Now I just make them do things because I said so and because I fed them breakfast and I expect reciprocation in some form. I'm a mean mom.

Hope this works for you for the long haul!

Marcy Kestner said...

Great Idea! Wish I had discovered that when my kids were younger. Good Luck!