Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Rosalie!

Over the past year Rosalie has grown more beautiful and more sweet. She really is the best daughter and much more than her mother deserves. 

Rosalie's best friend in all the world is Marissa, her cousin. They are just 11 days apart, beautiful, sweet and kind, put up with younger brothers diligently and boy crazy! Not too bad though for their ages!

Watching Bradley's varsity baseball game up in So. Jordan Spring 2010

Painting Easter Eggs Spring 2010

Say "Cheesy!"

Relaxing while reading the riddles the Easter Bunny left her.

Our little girl is the best reader and she loves it. This is something that I may just have to take credit for. When she first came into our home, she could barely read. In fact, that was the reason why we held her back in 1st grade. But since, Rosalie has gained a love for reading aloud and silently. I feel perhaps it's because her mom likes to read so much, and can't go to sleep without reading at least a paragraph. 

Where do kids get those cheesy grins? Grandpa Kester, that's where!

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Andrea said...

Sorry I'm late but Happy Birthday Rosalie and Yeah for reading, I love it too.