Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our New Home, a few finished areas!

What a dream come true! I absolutely love our new home!

Now is such a good time for us to make this investment. And a great time for anyone to make this investment. In answer to questions regarding how Darin and I, of all people, are able to afford such a thing, I'm inclined to produce my answer: we worked our butts off.

I took on a second job (my first job being a full-time mom), Darin led the war against our debt (mostly credit card) for the better part of a year and a half, and we stocked as much money as we could spare into savings for down payment and closing costs.

We did without Gap and Old Navy clothes for ourselves and our children, shopping instead for $1 items at Wal-Mart and Deseret Industries. I tried very hard not to go into Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop and buy more lotion and soap that we didn't need.

It took discipline and it took doing without. It was especially difficult for me, being the selfish shopper that I am.

We didn't take vacations that were planned. . .staying instead in Utah and camping for free or cheap. We stopped going to movies that weren't at the dollar theater in Provo. We didn't make trips out of state unless it included some kind of a major event ie. death, marriage, birth, harvest ect. . .

So you get the picture. We didn't make a foolish decision and get into something that we can't afford now, or won't be able to in the future. The great thing is that all of the pieces in our life are falling in place. Our home, the adoption of our beloved children on October 13th, and recently my husband was offered a higher paying position that allows me to stay home from Wal-Mart permanently, if I chose. We've been very blessed and we are grateful for the worthier spirits in our lives that have offered up prayers to heaven begging for these things to come to pass. Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you!

Enjoy the pics of the decorated and spotless areas of our home so far. I would send more pics, but it would just be of boxes and clutter!


Heidi said...

looks beautiful Holly. I know it takes a lot of work with 3 little ones too! Congrats...there is beauty all around.....when there's love at home!

xo Aunt Heidi

Idaho Kestner's said...

Holly, I love it! You deserve this. DO u have designated play areas? Can't wait to see it in person. COngrats!!

Dixon Devils said...

Thanks folks! We do have designated play areas. Most of downstairs is free game for the kids. I do make them pick up their stuff downstairs everyday though. Sometimes we miss a day and I would love to pick it up myself, but I save it until they're home from school the next day and have them do it. Trying to teach. . .