Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letting Go

Well Folks,

I've finally let go of all the craziness that has happened to me this past month. I'm totally ready for the future, a thing I've been cringing at for a long time, not unlike a dog that's used to smack for no reason.

But in order to really let go, here's a recap:

July 31st: Van transmission rebuild start.
August 1st: Missed ten year reunion, extremely upset and disappointed.
Later that week: Missed spending time with the Washington Kestners and Dixons b/c I wasn''t in Washington. Words don't even begin to describe the loss I felt.
August 8th: Ruined cell phone by forgetting it was in the back pocket of my board shorts when I went for a dip with Deb's and my kids in the Lazy River at Seven Peaks.
August 10th: Purse stolen out of a church parking lot as I dropped my daughter Rosalie off for a week long camp. 3 hours late to work.
August 10th: Criminal made a fraudulent purchase at a 7/11 for about $25.
August 10th: Criminal made a fraudulent deposit into our account and received $700 back in cash. Didn't find out until 15th.
August 13th: Stress at Wal-Mart. My first migraine, but not the last.
August 14th: Prepared 6 pallets of freight in one day, to be shipped to Orem Wal-Mart (average per week is about 2-3). Worked from 7am on Friday to 2am on Saturday.
August 15th: Went into our bank to change checking account due to fraud, only then finding out about the fraudulent deposit and loss of $700 cash from our account.
August 18th: Although working alone and overtime the week previous, my Wal-Mart supervisor called me at home and let me know that the Co-Manager found three mistakes in my 3 pallets of regular weekly returns and that I must come in and be trained again, for the 3rd time, from 7am to 11am. This meant my children would be placed in daycare, again.
August 18th: Called in sick to Wal-Mart with horrific migraine.
August 23rd: Almost complete emotional breakdown. . .migraine.
August 25th: Didn't close on home. . .migraine.
August 25th: Found out some disturbing and confidential issues with my family. . .migraine.
August 27th: Requested formal leave of absence from Wal-Mart.
August 28th: Didn't close on home. . .migraine.
August 29th: Bought 3 pairs of Dansko shoes for $40 through . .migraine wanes.
September 2nd: Formal breakdown. . .migraines continue half strength.
September 2nd: Darin and I realize our issues are out of our hands. I think Darin knew all along. I put my trust in God once more and feel little stress. I fell in love with Darin all over again for being the rock in my life, thank you God!

Hello there! I'm back! I'm happy and ready to cement my relationship with my husband and children. I've been extremely distant from them for the past month due to stress and emotional issues.

I love my family! I love my life! I am ready to make God proud of me once more. The MVP is back in the game!

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Janice said...

sounds like things have been rough. I'm so sorry! hope things get way better soon. I thought you worked at Bath and Body:)