Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Ty lost his first tooth yesterday! He mentioned to me a few days ago that one of his teeth were loose. I encouraged his to wiggle it often. I have some proud pictures of Ty and his tooth, but won't post them for another two weeks. Hurry up adoption!

Last night Darin and I were painting our master bedroom, and I completely forgot about the Tooth Fairy! This morning, Ty lost his tooth (again), it fell out of the tiny plastic Rubbermaid it was in. I told Tyriq I would try to find it while he was at school. I did, to my eternal relief.

I picked up Ty from Kindergarten and told him that I found his beloved tooth. I asked him if the Tooth Fairy came last night. I asked if he had put the container under his pillow. Thank goodness, he didn't. Easy explanation for me!

It's one of those "mother milestones" that reminds me I'm on the right path, and I love my existence as a beloved wife and mother!

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Dixon Devils said...

Um, yeah. So Ty is WAY too excited about ripping his teeth from his skull. After the first tooth came out and the one right next to it came a couple days later. . .he's working on yet another tooth. Is this unhealthy?