Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cousin Fun & Excitement

We made it home from our Tour de Washington in one piece, thanks for the prayers! The kids had a ton of fun with all of their newly acquainted cousins on the Kestner side and the Dixon side. Our new camera's battery died and we left the charger at home (of course). So I don't have many pictures in Vancouver, so Todd and Mindy: I want to see some!

David's daughter's have blossomed into. . .okay, they're hot, alright?!

Rashad and Kaytlynn get rascally!

Ty loved meeting cousin Korina.

It was definitely worth what little sanity I had left to decide to go 12 hours to meet the rest of the family and cousins in Washington. If you have any other pictures, please let me know and maybe email them to me. I'm sick that I don't have any pictures of my kids and Nin's kids, Todd's kids and Susie's kids. Hopefully you three will visit soon!

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