Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sledding Trip

Darin, Frank, Debbie and the kids all went sledding at Bicentennial Park on a newly snowing Saturday morning. I wasn't there because I slept in. I have no one to blame but myself. Darin had tons of fun catching the action and posing some awesome shots. Darin is quite the photographer.

Darin capturing Bradley tossing a friendly snowball lovingly at his younger sister Teresa.

Rashad gracefully, powerfully taming the mountain. And yes, that was two different runs on two different tubes.

Ty, Rosalie and Marissa feeling confident enough to brave the mountain with sharp pointy objects in their hands. Huh. Dad supervises awesome. 

Teresa is such a good friend to Darin and me. She is a wonderful babysitter and pretends to be interested enough in us to beg to come over to play with us.

Debbie making sure they put pants on the ground hog. 

Hide the paste guys, Rashad looks hungry.

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Heidi said...

great tree photo and flying snowball!