Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our first Christmas with our Children!

Firstly the kids went over to a friends house and made gingerbread houses. It was tons of fun!

Then they decided to play "Nativity", if you couldn't guess Rashad is playing the role of baby Jesus, Ty is Joseph and Rosalie is Mary.

The morning of, Mom was so excited and peppy.

Santa decided to bring things to the kids that we could all participate in together. Ie an XBOX360 with guitar hero and various other games. And Rosalie got a beautiful doll house. We all opened a doll so that we can play together. I couldn't find a picture of Ty and his excited face in getting a Ken doll. ;)

Later that morning Deb and her family came over for a late breakfast and to open, what? More presents? The older kids loved playing guitar hero and other games on the XBOX.

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The Grove Family said...

Oh my hell...the nativity with your kids acting the part was awesome. I laughed right out loud. Also, your peppy picture of Christmas morning is precious!!! I am so glad you are enjoying your kiddos so much! Give them all loves from Aunt Mindy.