Friday, November 12, 2010

Cape Lookout!

What a wonderful beautiful day on the coast it was! Words cannot describe the inner healing that took place watching the waves and talking with Mom and Sue.

Gramma loves her little children!

 Gramma Kestner and the Schmitz Family

Gramma Kestner and the Dixon Family

Yeah, it was misty and the then the sun came out!

Mom loving it

Oh no she di'eh.


Papa and Sister

Jayden preparing for cheer leading tryouts.

My puppies. They loved to snuggle with me at night, so I wasn't too lonely.

Kenzy is both the sassiest and the sweetest girl I know.

The kids were enchanted with the beach and all of the adventures it held for them. They played for hours without any boredom whatsoever.

Before Rashad's gastric bypass surgery. . .

. . .and after Rashad's gastric bypass surgery.

The best and happiest Mom has been since Dad went away.