Friday, November 12, 2010

Robel's Reception

Here are some awesome pics from the reception at Vancouver Lake Park. It was great to have such support for an adoption and sealing. Everyone but David and Marcy's family attended the special event. Including a visit from the East Coast relatives: Aunt Kitti and Great Grandma Kestner.

Robel watches the slide show with complete delight.

The family watching the slide show, Todd watching. . .?

Grandma Kestner looks as beautiful as ever.

I should really know the gal on the left, but I just don't. Rachel looking good.

Wilionto and his beautiful wife.

Andy is wearing sunglasses in the rain, cool.

Tido and Mom are all smiles.

Great Aunt Kitti loves those babies!

Great Friends: Cam, Jay and Robey

Grandparent Groves

Quick, pretend like we like each other. . .

Sue and Nate

Kevin and Kelli, girl I don't care if you think your eyes weren't open - you're beautiful!

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Darin Dixon said...

By accident I just found out that you can click on a picture and it will blow it up to full size for you. The one of Rashad eating his ice cream cone is priceless.

They are all great photos and they all have fun comments. Good job, Honey!