Sunday, August 30, 2009


Why do cats have to be such finicky snots?

I love my two beautiful kittens and adore them with all of my heart. Arwen is probably three although I'm uncertain because she was a stray that we rescued. And Sinatra (a girl going by her name before we knew she was a girl, for her blue eyes) is two. Sinatra is Arwen's daughter, by the way.

They've been my babies before I had my real babies. I must say that they adore me too. I earned their trust slowly and deliberately. I made a point to step slowly towards them, paying attention to their frightened body language and giving them their space until they trusted me to walk right up to them, millimeters from their paws and tails. Most cats as well, don't like it when you grab their paws or pet their paws. It's instinctual I'm sure, their paws being their most used defense. But again, I carefully and deliberately touch their paws and hold them in my hands until they're comfortable with me and my gentleness.

They have always avoided Darin, he's too loud and steps too quickly and unthinkingly towards their sensitive paws and tails. It is smart for these furry creatures to avoid him, because he really doesn't care if he does step on them. He believes like many, that it's a result of the cat's own fault for being in the way. However, he does get properly incensed at them when their indignant wailings scare the crap out of him.

This is my problem with my little kitties lately:

My children have lived with us for six months now, and Sinatra isn't anywhere near letting my children love on her. She sprints under our bedroom bed and won't come out until the children have been laid down for sleep. I'm not sure how she knows when it's bedtime for the kids, but immediately she will show her face.

Arwen is barely better. She wants food too much to let her hide out under the bed if she's hungry. But she allows only Rosalie to touch her and hold her, and not for long.

What's up with my cats? Will it ever get better? My children love these furry little snots, and the cats won't ease up one bit.

On one rare occasion, Rashad cornered Sinatra under our dining room table. He grinned at me and said, "Mommy! Sinatra likes me now. . .see?" I watched as he leaned over to pet Sinatra under the table and was surprised when a horrible hiss errupted from her mouth. I had to laugh a little.

My solution:

When we move into our new home this next week, we'll be adopting child friendly rabbits. One for each of the kids to manhandle and love. Animals have such a way of being a friend and supplying comfort to kids. If any kids need that, mine do with what they've been through.

My sassy little snots might just stay here when we move. . .okay, probably not.

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