Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Our guinea pig is so cute and rascally. His name is Bugsy from the movie "Bedtime Stories" and he loves to entertain my cats. Sometimes they even reach into his cage with their paws (claws) to pet Bugsy lovingly. He is kind of skittish when I get up and leave the room or enter the room, but he's tons of fun, and my kids love him. A couple of nights ago I was holding him in my arms and all of a sudden it got very warm and then very cold. Yep, he peed on me. But otherwise he's a really great and fun pet.

I know why they call this rodent "pig". That's because he eats all the time, and most anything. His favorite is alfalfa. He eats his weight in alfalfa every day. I've decided he needs a friend though, he's lonely I'm sure, with just my cats to keep him company.