Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 10th Anniversary!

It only took Darin 10 years of asking politely to get his wish to go to the symphony. I saw that the Utah Symphony was performing Christmas carols on the 18th, our 10th anniversary. So I signed us up for front row seating to the right of the conductor. If you're going to do something after waiting 10 years you ought to do it right, right?

Darin also got surprised by a present that he's been waiting 10 years patiently to receive. I had him open it before the symphony knowing he would want to get to use his present. He was not unlike a little child on Christmas morning when he opened his Nikon D3000 digital camera. After doing some research and asking around, it seemed like this was a good choice for Darin.

So we went out to Tucanos in Salt Lake City at the Gateway Mall, then headed over to Abravanel Hall just across the street from temple square. We were surprised to see others in jeans for the performance, but we smug knowing that our parent's raised us correctly with Darin in his best three piece suit, and myself in a formal red skirt and cream silky blouse.

The performance was absolutely fabulous. It was moving beyond words and the conductor was so professional, but personable and Darin and I had a lot of fun interacting with him, being in the front row. ;)

And for all of my really proper friends and family: non-flash photography was allowed. We only took one picture during the show anyways. It is while Santa is conducting the orchestra.

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