Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Vacation in Idaho

Poor Gramma Pond (Dixon) isn't feeling too well lately. Her health is shaky after her last surgery and she doesn't like to eat much because it upsets her stomach. My kids took the opportunity to snuggle extra with her this trip.

We've had so much fun in just the one day we've up up in Ashton! Our kids thought Aunt Danae was fabulous when she visited our area a month ago in Utah. They counted the Sundays until Idaho vacation and have discovered that her fun loving has been passed down to her children Dawson and Holden.

These two fantastic early teenagers are so good with our little boys. Playing and entertaining Rashad and Ty like Dawson and Holden want nothing more than to make the boys happy. So nice on a vacation, I might add! It's been so fantastic to be able to relax a little and know that Danae's boys are playing nicely with ours.

Last night we got the treat of having Danae's 7-year-old "read" to us from 3 different Thomas the Train books. He can't read much, but he has the books memorized from the movies and the many times that Landen has heard the stories from his mom. It was amazing to hear, and Ty and Rosalie enjoyed it.

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