Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Storm!

We got 6 inches at least of powder overnight, with about an inch of actual snow. This morning I woke up to the children quietly chatting over frosted flakes in hushed excitement. Darn my "mother" ears, they woke me up on a sleep in day! I got up to tell them to remember to use their inside voices, especially Rashad who likes to use a dull roar to communicate with his siblings.

I walked out to the kitchen and found my children huddled in the dark morning light looking outside on our banisters outside. Easily six inches of powder covered the railings that lead out to our back yard and a fabulously covered up winter wonder land. It was breath taking, even though I wasn't coherent yet, being before 9am on a Sunday.

As I drowsily made my way back to bed my husband turned over and asked if we had any snow on the ground. I answered about 6 inches. He didn't believe me at first, but I opened our curtains in our room and showed him the proof.

I don't think Darin went back to bed after that, however, I snuggled under the covers and dreamed about white Christmases with loved ones.

For those of you who actually read my blog, yes that is a boat in our back yard! Merry Christmas to my husband!

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Zulimar said...

That's so lame! We haven't even got an inch of snow yet. There's snow yeah, but it's just a layer of frozen ice now. AG! I won't get to go snowmobiling myself before all you people get up here. Ah well. Have fun with the snow, see ya when I come down for christmas!