Friday, August 7, 2009


I knew I would have these feelings of frustration as soon as I started a blog. But I didn't realize how strong the feelings would be. Let me explain. . .

I would love to put up cute pics of my kids on this blog, but I'm not able to until we've officially adopted. But I'm sitting here wondering what I should write about, and all I can think of is my kids.

But stories I can share are useless without pictures of their cherubic devilish faces. They are the perfect blend of heaven and hell and I love them dearly because they're so like me. Hense the blog name.


Bethany said...

No worries. You'll be posting those beautiful, evil pictures in no time. Until then, you can still tell us about all their antics and accomplishments in an editorial style. Happy blogging!

ambistoes said...

I was wondering why you weren't posting picturs of them! I especially wanted to see a picture of Rhashad (sp?) after that charming story of him taking a dump on your porch. lol! Please do tell more about them! They sound so fun!