Saturday, August 22, 2009


After the hell they've put me through and acted like devils, it's extremely astonishing to have my beautiful babies act so wonderful the last week or so.

I've been suffering from migraines (probably due to an old neck injury and loads of stress) for the past week and a half. It's not been fun. This past week I've been completely debilitated. When I'm awake, the only relief I felt was laying down in the dark asleep or just laying down with my eyes closed.

I've had bad headaches before. . .I had a migraine associated with a sinus infection from a infected tooth about 9 years ago. I remember how Tylenol #3 didn't even touch it. But most other "head aches" I'm able to cure with caffeine or Excedrine. Not so this time.

Not having Tylenol #3 to test it out again, I suffered for a week and a half before I realized I needed to go to work and to pack the rest of the house for the move next week. I couldn't afford laying in bed in pain.

I went to my doctor's PA (I have only had good experiences with PA's - with one exception - and I personally love and admire two in my life) and he prescribed me a common migraine med that took the sharp pain away almost immediately and took the rest down to about half. Thank goodness! There is never such a wonderful feeling as when a painful feeling finally gives up the ghost.

After I was coherent enough to be a part of my kids' world again, I realized that they've been absolute angels. Angels, not demons!

They have worried about me, given me extra kisses, helped around the house, tried their hardest to be quiet and whisper (not alwasy successful - but trying none the less) and expressed to me for minutes at a time how they wish I would feel better and my head ache would go away.

My personal favorite when they remember me in mealtime and nighttime prayers. There's nothing quite like the feeling of a little 3-year-old boy with a lisp asking God to make his Mommy feel better so she can play with him and take him to Seven Peaks. It didn't matter who said the prayer, they always remembered me, and always asked that I feel better.

Rosalie has been a wonderful helper to her brothers, Ty has been surprisingly not whiny, and Rashad gives me extra massages and physical loves and encourages the rest to do the same.

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful, sympathetic children. Perhaps Heavenly Father gave me this migraine only to remind me of the sweetness and potential of my sweet, sweet children. They are truly sent to me from God and I'm eternally grateful for them.

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Idaho Kestner's said...

Holly that is so sweet of your children! They are a true blessing. It is great they have that sympathetic side to them. Some kids just don't get it. What a treasure. Sorry about your migraine. I too suffer from them. Well, I used to very frequently. However, since I cut the sugar, diet soda, & see my chiropracter on a weekly basis I get one maybe every 8-10 weeks. Much better then every week. It can be debilitating. My sister also suffers, but too cut sugar. And just like magic....lessened her frequency. I love ya and truly hope that you don't have to suffer with that dreadful demon again anytime soon.