Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our New Home!

The time has come to move ourselves into a new place and our first home! Some thought we'd never settle down, but here we are. Our offer was accepted, a couple of times, and our closing date is August 25, 2009. That is less than three weeks! Thankfully I've been packing since we got serious about finding a house, about a month ago.

Our home is about 20 years old, rambler/ranch style, 4 BR, 2 full BA, 2150 sq feet and on .28 acres. It has some mature trees in front and in the back with a peach tree that is just chucked full of the juicy treats! The home is perfect for our new and ever expanding family. We look forward to bringing Rosalie (8), Ty (5) and Rashad (3) into our new home this month. In the coming months we hope to be licensed to care for more foster children in our new home.

We will have Rosalie's baptism, the adoption in the Matheson Courthouse in SLC, and the sealing in the Provo Temple around the same time. Hopefully within the same two days. Depending on what the caseworker says, it could be in October or mid to late September. So keep your calendars empty! Just kidding.


Bethany said...

Ha! I knew we'd get you eventually. We must do something about this brown motif though. Seriously not you.
Love the house, I expect a peach to be saved for me, and I'm glad to see you blogging. Finally!

The Grove Family said...

Welcome to blogspot! I cannot wait till you adopt your trio and can post photos of their cute faces. I love ya, Sis. Hey, post photos of your new house!!!

ambistoes said...

I'm so excited for you, Holly! How appropriate that your oldest child is named Rosalie!!!!!!! Wow! Straight out of your favorite book! It's a match made in Heaven. Is Ty's full name Tyler? I love that name. Peter and I have debated on using that for one of our kids (if we happened to have another boy one of these days). :D

By the way, I love the Twilight design of Alice in the background and the Twilight trailers for our viewing entertainment. Thanks for making it easier to keep up to date with you! Love ya, girl.