Friday, August 7, 2009

New Moon Dilemma

So, I'm kinda a Twilight freak. A BIG ONE!

This is my dilemma: I hate Jacob in the books, he's such a pig! I'm team Edward all the way. Edward is exactly the kind of old fashioned gentleman that I've always approved of. Jacob is the stereotypical modern boy that loves to put his woman in danger and push the line of desire in selfishness. Do what feels good, is his motto. Not necessarily what makes you happy. Edward is just the opposite. He's all for Bella's happiness.

While reading the books for the first time, I was so ticked that Bella was attracted to Jacob and that he was fighting so hard for her. I didn't understand the level of concern she had for him. I'd shout in my head, "Bella, you Moron, Edward came back to you, move one, get over Jacob!" While rereading the series I skip the parts with most parts of Jacob in them except for the end of Breaking Dawn. I'm happy in my ignorance of the fool that Bella makes of herself, Jacob and Edward in Eclipse, in omitting those paragraphs.

Here's the dilemma:

In the movie New Moon, Jacob is HOT!!!!!! Am I going to have to buy a Team Jacob Shirt from Hot Topic now? I shutter to think of that alternative! But when I saw the New Moon teaser trailer, I couldn't help but think, "Take him Bella!"

I felt so much remorse for this reaction that I returned to the Twilight series binge after 10 months of sobriety to revisit all of the reasons that I hate Jacob Black so much. I still hate the book Jacob but I have watched the New Moon trailer again since and can't help but love the movie Jacob.

What am I to do?


Bethany said...

Read a new book? :)

Dixon Devils said...

Besides that, Beth! You know there's only one other story I'm really interested in. . .The Kindred.

ambistoes said...

Oh my gosh! I know what you're saying about hating Jacob because of how pushy he gets with Bella in the book... :P However, after I read the books with my husband, I came to realize the bad parts of Edward too. So, to me, it's almost a toss-up between the two... I think the books are written so that the reader will like Edward better, but in some of Jacob's incidental traits, he reminds me of my husband, so it's easy for me to like him in the book.