Monday, November 9, 2009

High on Life

Saturday Night Darin mentioned, as he dug into the kids' Halloween candy bags, that he felt a little hypocritical eating the kids' candy when we don't allow them to eat any.

His comment caught me off guard, I don't withhold candy from my kids for no reason. . .I just forget about it being there. There is the occasional, "You're grounded from your candy today because you were a MONSTER in primary." But usually it's because I'm going, going, going during the day and never stop to fill up my kids on anything but breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks.

On a whim, I decided to call my children upstairs and see if they'd put on their pajamas like I'd asked minutes before. Surprisingly they all came up ready for bed. I was so proud. I then let my children know that they could eat three pieces of candy each before bed! The kids were beyond elated. You may think I'm an abusive mother, but it was 9:45pm at this point. (My children are usually in bed by 8pm.)

The next 30 minutes Darin, Rosalie, Tyriq, Rashad and I ate candy to our heart's content. We had two big bowls of Halloween candy set up in the middle of our kitchen table and we went to town! The three piece rule flew out the window with Rashad, and I realized too late that he didn't know how to count. The silliness and laughter that followed was not unlike a party with alcohol.

After the kids had consumed their candy and were almost falling out of their chairs, I started giving them pixie stix shots. It was fabulous. I had each child throw back their heads and emptied a small pixie into the back of their mouth. When I did this to Rashad he clamped down his jaw, and it immediately seized up in a sour attack spasm. It was awesome. We giggled like the little boys and girls we were and the kids haven't stopped talking about it yet.

Near the end of the party Rashad was squealing with pleasure, it ended when he threw is head face first into one of the bowls of candy. Darin and I exchanged looks of shock and laughed happily at our "high" children.

They finally wandered off to bed around 10:15pm. When we checked 45 minutes later, they were passed out in their beds.

They didn't seem to have headaches the next morning, so I guess the hangover wasn't too bad.


Idaho Kestner's said...

LOL!!! That is great parenting skill at it's finest. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

The Grove Family said...

Oh my crap...that is hilarious!!! I let my kids eat candy nostop for 3 days...yikes. I saw similar silliness...and they say sugar doesn't affect them...yay right!