Saturday, November 21, 2009

Springville High Football Takes 2nd in State & embarrasses us all!

Yes that is my nephew Bradley #54 suited up for the state championship game! - High school football: championship preview

Darin and I love our city and our high school. We love attending all different activities offered, even before we moved 2 blocks away from it. Or before we named our blog "dixondevils" in part after the Springville Red Devil's mascot. We've watched almost every home football game for the sophomore team (our nephew Bradley plays) and the varsity team. I even splurged for shirts at Wal-Mart in Springville boasting the Red Devil colors and emblems to wear to community events.

In short, we have great pride for our little city that's slowly growing into a large city.

That is why our state championship game at Rice Eccles Stadium on U of U campus in SLC was such a disappointment.

Springville High School separated from neighboring city Mapleton this year when Mapleton's high school was finally completed. Taking Springville High from 5A to 4A. Our football team hadn't been to the state championship game since 1985. 26 years. In fact not since the current head coach Scott Mitchell, played quarterback for the team himself and the only state title Springville has known. Mitchell is the new head coach this year and lead the varsity team to win all but one game in the regular season.

Unfortunately the coach didn't have what it took to make the city proud on Friday November 20, 2009. And I'm not speaking of us losing 6 to 35. Yeah, that hurt a bit, but we went to state! We won 2nd place! There's nothing to be ashamed of there.

In the 4th quarter when our loss was ensured, our football players, to most of the fan's astonishment and embarrassment, turned into thugs. I've heard that Timpview, from Provo, can really smack talk on the field. Who the heck cares? The fans can't see or hear smack talk, but when your team is down 29 points and are called on over ten personal fouls in the last four minutes of the game, we see that our team knows nothing of maturity and sportsmanship.

Furthermore, our coaches know less. Why weren't 13 and 23 taken out of the game? After several late hits and shoving on the field, why wasn't second string put in? It was embarrassing the first couple of fouls we received. It was enraging and ridiculous after going on for the remainder of the game. Okay we lost to a great team. We lost BIG to a great team. Unfortunately we also lost our honor, we lost our pride.

Our usually talented sophomore quarterback, Steve Bate, threw four interceptions in the game and wasn't relieved until the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. Why wasn't he relieved earlier? The replacement quarterback did a fantastic job running plays.

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