Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

What an exciting time for my family!

This year Thanksgiving will be hosted in our new home with all of our closest friends and family invited. I made up the menus last week.

Turkey (of course, prepared by Debbie again this year)
Potatoes (a la Mindy Grove)
Gravy (a la HJ Dixon)
Funeral Potatoes (a la Mom Dixon)
Broccoli SoufflĂ© (a la Kendra Dixon)
Cheesy Onions (a la Gramma Weber)
Sweet Potatoes (a la Andrea Kestner)
Green Bean Casserole (a la Campbell's)
Green Bean Almond Dean (a la Gramma Weber)
Orange Dessert Salad (a la Taste of Home 2000)
Stuffing (a la Peperidge Farms)
Rolls (if I can live through it - a la Mom Dixon)
Cookie Salad (a la Mom Dixon)
Shrimp Shell Salad (a la Mom Dixon)
Pumpkin Roll (a la Sandy Kestner)
Pumpkin Pie (a la back of pumpkin pie mix can)
Snacks: Like we need them!
Caramel Popcorn (a la Mom Dixon)
Chex Mix (a la Chex)
Ranch Snack Mix (a la Taste of Home)

Then I purchased all of the non perishable items on Monday to beat the rush.

I will purchase all fresh items by next Monday to ensure that we're not running around the day before to three different stores because everyone's out of "canned pumpkin"!

We look forward to good food and good company. Our family has a lot to be thankful for this year!

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Idaho Kestner's said...

Let me say "Costco!" for pumpkin pie's. They are 5.99. So good! Looks like your set.