Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Fabulous! I'm so glad we know Debbie, and that she knows everyone in Springville. She has an underground network more rewarding than the mafia. Her friend rented out a theater for the midnight showing and assigned seats for friends and family members.

That meant no waiting in mile long lines, we walked into the theater and walked right into our seats. We must do it again for Eclipse, and this time Dorie needs to be with us. She waited in line for 4 hours in Washington, otherwise she would've been outside in the rain!

There were door prizes for everyone and then random prizes. I won a car decal that says "I have OCD, Obsessive Cullen Disorder". So happy! Darin won a box of Jr. Mints just for being a guy and having the guts to be there.

I was elated because I was truly mistaken for his daughter (I had my hair in a ponytail with bangs). It was a great and fun time!

The movie was fabulous! Absolutely fabulous. There were a ton of lines straight out of the book, and the things that were different made sense anyways. The first time Jacob takes his shirt off is unexpected and I nearly choked on my extra buttery popcorn. How can a 16-year-old have that many muscles? Wow.

I highly recommend the movie to anyone who'd like to have Edward dreams for a week!

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Idaho Kestner's said...

Glad to hear it. Not seen it yet. Gonna take david tomorrow. hehe.